Fullerton Arboretum

A Botanical Garden


So What's An Arboretum ?

The New Garden App  

The Fullerton Arboretum is a spectacle of trees, a garden museum, and in it is a worldwide collection of botanical marvels 

cared for by arbor specialists and open

to the public for sincere appreciation.

By making use of the SEE button that directs

you to the arboretum's new virtual app,

you can test your plant life knowledge or learn

a bit about the botanical life in the garden before visiting by typing the names of botanical genres you may know of already

such as bamboo, ferns and rose families 

or by typing in regions such as Australia,

Africa and Europe to see what kind of botanical marvels are in the garden from those regions. 

Events For The Community

Upon visiting the botanical arboretum 

one can inquire of the creative events

held there such as Yoga In The Garden,

Beginners Bonzai and Nature Photography Workshops.

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